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Al Kamil
28 June 2021

Impacts of Remote Working on Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This study investigates the impacts and influences of remote working
on employees during the coronavirus pandemic, in terms of
communication, job effectiveness, and employee engagement and
productivity. Data were collected from participants from different sectors
and industries in three regions in Saudi Arabia. The study’s findings revealed
that remote working significantly impacted communication, job
effectiveness, and employee productivity. However, the impacts of remote
working on employee engagement were insignificant which could be a result
of neglecting activities that encourage employee engagement by the
organization because of the nature of working remotely. This research
presents two contributions. First, this article enhances the literature on
remote working and employees during crises or pandemics. Second, it reveals
that remote working could be applied to run daily operations when
implementing the appropriate strategies and infrastructure. المزيد